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Best Young Artist Win 1000 AED!

Dare to share your creative vision through your own Atelier.

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Young Artist Talents, your best creative contest has just arrived!

Your chance to stimulate and challenge your creative side by creating your own workshop to share with Ateliers Céline craft community.

Ateliers Céline, an Art-Tech platform that provides curated DIY online crafting experiences with international artists, is hosting a contest for art enthusiasts to thrive creatively and innovatively in their daily lives.

Ateliers Céline’s ambition is to revive traditional crafts and the cultures that they withhold and make them more accessible to people’s modern lives and routines. Moreover, it is purely refreshing for one to create handmade crafts using merely natural and traditional tools, especially in this digitally saturated world that we live in.

Furthermore, Ateliers Céline wants to contribute to the development of the creative community by providing young artist talents, fuelled with potential and creative energy, a chance to learn, grow, and challenge their innovative ideas.

Competition dates:
15 - 31 July 2021

Who may enter:
The competition is open to young artists from all over the world.



Artists have the opportunity to create their own DIY workshop kit in which they have the creative freedom to choose their preferred artistic technique.

The workshop should be successfully planned and well-thought-through as a fun and valuable craft that kids between 6 and 18 years old would enjoy.

Having created a craft box that includes all the necessary tools, makers should be able to build an intricate and comprehensive explanation of the process that is clear enough to teach the right skills and techniques. Apart from the required rules, young artists are expected to unlock their creativity and craft with nothing but inspiration and passion.

What to Submit:

  • Short intro of the artist

  • Technique description (artist can propose any type of technique, as long it can be implemented at home)

  • Visual of the final outcome

  • Concept idea/ Theme that is behind the creation

  • Clear step by step of the creative process

  • List of the required tools


Aiming to harness the power of culture, art, and creativity, the young artist’ contest contributes to effectively impact future artists and leaders and give them an opportunity to thrive. Most importantly, the creative maker with the best, well-prepared workshop will be rewarded a prize of 1000 AED and will be featured in his own product line on Ateliers Céline’s platform.


If you would like more information about the competition, please contact Tatiana on the following email tatiana@ateliersceline.com

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Thanks for participating!