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Top Craft Trends for 2021

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Whatever the situation, whether it's wanting to learn something new, bond more with loved ones or just need to escape boredom, crafting is not only the way of the past, but also the future. Covid-19 has dramatically affected pretty much every aspect of our lives. It’s altered work schedules, family gatherings, and even the way that people consume creative activities. As it becomes more normal for people to choose to stay at home rather than venturing out, crafting has seen a fresh rise. Not only does it fill the days with something interesting but for many it has become an important source of self care and a tool for improved mental health. DIY kits can be taken at any stage, at whatever pace fits around a daily schedule and by anymore. Platforms like Ateliers Céline are monthly, setting everyone up with a new skill, whether you use it once or in a million ways in a month, that's up to you.

These services bring the craft kits and supplies straight to your door. That’s great, because it means less trips out to the store, and less exposure to people who might not be taking the same precautions that you are. Kit boxes also allow a broader reach, making it easier for crafting trends to develop. It’s a great way to spend your time indoors, being productive and having fun all in the same go. It also allows hobbies and trends to breach past city, state, and even country borders.

If you’re creative, there’s no limit to what you can learn!

We’re going to do a quick run down on the top crafting trends for 2021. Grab your check list and start planning for what crafts you want to learn how to make!


The popularity of paper flowers is blooming big time. There’s a rise in online tutorials and work shops on how to create these custom beauties in the safety of your own home. I guess if you can’t go out to explore the spring flowers, it’s best to bring them into your own home, right? Plus, once you get the method down, you can create entire bouquets of colourful creations in different sizes and designs!


A direction towards natural fabrics and dyes has been gaining traction. This return to the organic with traditional crafts such as tie dye, silk painting and knitting are only going to continue as new and innovative applications of old methods create new styles and beautiful products.


Candle making and other home crafts, are a top way to redecorate your home with something that you know will be perfectly tailored to you. There's no need to go out and shop, or to settle for something that isn't quite right. Not when crafting kits have become so accessible.


Needlework, and needlework kits, are growing in popularity, particularly Palestinian needlework. There are many kinds to explore. These can range from cross stitch to embroidery – and there’s even been a trend of adding things like beads and buttons to your pieces! Not great with a needle? No worries. There are plenty of kits out there for people just starting to learn!


Beaded jewelry different from earrings, these are simple to put together and fun to design. Necklaces and bracelets can be made in any color, and with the growing trend of adding charcoal stones or essential oil beads, the variety of styles that you can make is pretty much endless! Into the glitz and glamour? Use fake crystals! Going for chic and sleek? Try copper beads and silver pendants!

Six) Mixed media jewelry is on a massive upswing of popularity. This is most often seen in necklaces that have dice or little plastic figures mixed in with the usual bead work. Sometimes, things like key chains – or pretty much anything not meant to be used in jewelry – are added into the mix. Get funky and a little bit wild!


Soap making is another old trend that’s being revitalized as people look for things to do that are fun, enjoyable, and can liven up their life. Plus, there’s no end to it! Slime soap? Cloud soap? Honey soap? Coffee soap? New designs and types are being created on a regular basis! It’s one of the cleanest hobbies you can get into!


Pillow covers are great for people just learning how to sew...but there are also a few popular designs surfacing for people who don’t have any stitch work experience! Because fabric comes in a near endless variety, there are endless ways to customize the people to fit your home...or the homes of your friends or family! Talk about a cool gift!


Scrapbooking might not seem like something that should be considered a craft...but it is! And it’s become increasingly popular in the last few months with no end in sight! Any kind of paper, cut out, lace, ribbon, or other design work can be used to spice up the pages. Stickers? Themed pages? Fancy pens used for writing things down? Check, check, and check! Not to mention it promises hours of fun and a possible long running hobby!


Vegetable leather tanning, is a process free from chemicals, focusing instead on products such as olive leaves, tara pods, oak and spruce bark or rhubarb roots which give softer qualities.

These are just the current top ten. Trends are changing on an almost daily basis, and craft experiences like Ateliers Céline are part of that evolution, working with professionals to continue the traditional of the past in a way that draws on the light of change. Between the fact that you can purchase them online – no leaving your house, no in person checking out – and the fact it’s delivered to your door, it fits right in with the current state of our world.

The craft boxes also do the research for you – no more spending hours on Pinterest trying to search up the instructions or forgetting to pick up that one important item when you go to the store. It’s all picked out and packaged up for you. Complete kits, right there at the tips of your fingers!

Crafting really can’t get any easier than this!

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