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Sebastien Courty



Inspired by the past, present, and future history of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sebastien has crafted this project to entice your senses through colors and textures.

Hand Weaving Totem

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What Will You Create?

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This project invites you to call on your creativity.

Sebastien will be teaching us how to create a beautiful, versatile hand-woven panel with exclusive materials. After warping the loom, creating a “shed”, and loading the shuttle, you will be able to weave successive layers of thread. As the threads come together, they’ll be reminiscent of the UAE’s history, with its alluring successive imagery that signifies the desert, the pearl industry, the gold trade, and the unearthing of oil.

Gold coated thread, iridescent waxed cotton, and fiber thread will blend together flawlessly to form a contemporary textile artwork.

Sebastien will offer his guidance and grant you the artistic freedom to design your own composition in the order you desire.
Your final product will be a hand-woven panel expressing your personal interpretation of the overall notion. This will be your authentic masterpiece!

The premium workshop includes:

  • An in-depth, digital workshop by Sebastien Courty

  • Tools and materials, curated for you, by Sebastien

  • A live & recorded Q&A session with the artist

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Sebastien Courty Premium Kit Handweaving
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Included In This Experience

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We have selected the best tools and designed your tool box in collaboration with the artists to lay the ground for your creations. 

Key tools

1 X Weaving loom

2 X Shuttles

1 X Wooden Stick

1 X Weaving comb

1 X Large needle

1 X Scissor

1 X Tape

Creative Canvas

1 X Pastel color set

2 X Creative Canvas

Creative Set

2 X Skein of gold thread

2 X Skein of silver thread

2 X Skein of cotton yarn pearl

2 X Skein of black thread black

2 X Skein of natural fiber yarn - sand color

2 X Skein of green thread

1 X Skein of white cotton

3 X Plastic strings(Yellow, Silver, Green)

1 X String of freshwater cultured pearls

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The artist has prepared a video workshop across a series of chapters detailing all the steps you need to master the technique and create your craft! 

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A monthly Q&A session with the artist will allow you to discover more about the atelier and learn extra tips. 

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About The Artist

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Sebastien Courty is a New York artist who graduated from the celebrated “Fashion Institute of Technology” in Textile and Surface Design. Originally from France, Courty was exposed to handcraft and art from an early age. From art to design Sebastien Courty has learned from prominent figures in the industry, both in France and the U.S. To date, Courty has showcased his work worldwide, including Paris, New York, Beijing and Dubai. His collection of woven panels called “Totem - a Wall’s Jewelry” is internationally acclaimed. Throughout his career he has collaborated with several humanitarian companies, foundations, and private collectors. He also launched his own Textile Art Studio in Brooklyn in 2018.

Word From The Artist

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“Art and Textile has long been an essential component of the human experience since the beginning of civilization. These treasures and "savoir faire" must endlessly be reinvented and challenged". Captivated by the diversity of craftsmanship and versatility textiles offer, Sebastien Courty’s work is in principle a decorative art approach. The play of texture, material, and color permits him to reimagine his craft through traditional and ancient techniques. Textiles transcend dimensions where design encounters art in a prospective muse. Not limited to fibers his work encompasses materials that allow hand woven methods inter alia to invent contemporary art. Courty’s collection “Totem - A Wall’s Jewelry” creates visuals of the represented countries cultural and commercial activity—an invitation to discover a world you have yet to explore

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