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Botanical Dyeing 

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Friendship Scarves Atelier

Explore the ancestral technique of dyeing textile using plants. Come on a journey to create something for you and for your beloved.

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What Will You Create?

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In this Atelier, you will be learning how to create two beautiful botanically dyed scarves – one for you and one for a friend! Expert artist Ania Grzeszek will show you how to prepare natural fabrics for dyeing, how to extract colors from plants and apply them to the textile. You will use tie-dye techniques to make original patterns like stripes, chevron, diamond or stars. This workshop is also a chance to explore a sustainable method of dyeing, by experimenting natural dyes and creating handmade & wearable art that is also respectful of the environment.

This Atelier includes:

  • Tools and materials curated for you by Ania Grzeszek

  • Detailed digital instructions about the techniques and execution of Natural Textile Dyeing by Ania Grzeszek

  • A live & recorded Q&A Session with the artist

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Included In This Experience

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We have selected the best tools and designed your tool box in collaboration with the artists to lay the ground for your creations. 

This kit includes over 20 items, including a selection of 2 large cotton fabrics and 3 sample fabric test pieces.

Set Up Kit

1 X Pair of gloves

1 X Apron

2 X Workspace protective papers

Creative Channel

3 X Sample fabric testing pieces

2 X Large cotton square scarves

Key tools

1 X Bowl

1 X Cooking pot

1 X Wooden spoon

1 X Sieve cloth

Creative Set

1 X Bag of Logwood

1 X Bag of Marigolds

1 X Bag of Iron powder

1 X Set of rubber bands

1 X Set of wooden sticks (large and small)

1 X Set of clips of different sizes


To be able to enjoy this experience you will need a well ventilated room with a stove

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Ateliers Celine Key tools
Ateliers Celine Creative channel
Ateliers Celine Set up kit


The artist has prepared a video workshop across a series of chapters detailing all the steps you need to master the technique and create your craft! 

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A monthly Q&A session with the artist will allow you to discover more about the atelier and learn extra tips. 

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About The Artist

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Ania Grzeszek is a polish textile artist based in Berlin. She trained as an architect and worked in that field for 5 years before taking the leap and setting up her own studio for handmade textiles. Her practice focuses on handcrafted textiles made with respect for the planet and its people. Her mission is to promote sustainable and non-toxic processes in making everyday textiles. That's why she works with natural fibers and botanical dyes using traditional techniques. Ania happily shares her knowledge with her students so they become as excited as she is about modern craftsmanship, sustainability and, of course, textiles.



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Before synthetic dyes were invented in the mid 19th century, all fibers were dyed with natural ingredients. There is evidence of colorful naturally-dyed fibers from over 4000 years ago. Natural dyes were

traditionally extracted from plants, minerals and insects. Some of the most famous natural dyes include tyrian purple, cochineal pink, madder red and indigo blue. Certain dyes were considered status symbols, with each color having its own meaning and importance. That all changed during the Industrial Revolution, when synthetic dyes came into use and dyeing became a low cost option.

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