About Us

We are a team of crafters, in love with arts and travels, and so we decided to share our passion with you! 

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Our Inspiration 

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Our inspiration comes from Céline Roberjot, an amateur crafter and the grandmother of Tatiana, our CEO.  Céline is the most passionate, fun, and creative person in the family. She creates beautiful crafts using wooden pieces, painting tubes, leather patterns, colourful beads and even incorporates items collected from her travels across the world. She shared this passion with her granddaughter and today our goal is for other people to experience the same passion for craft while discovering new cultures, artists and techniques. 

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About Us

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Ateliers Céline was founded on the belief that creative people should easily be able to express their full potential. Ateliers Céline is on a mission to feed your creative spirits through traditional crafts with extraordinary results. Creators around the world use Ateliers Céline to explore new techniques and skills, from knitting to engraving from the comfort of their homes. 

The Ateliers Céline Way

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Our philosophy is to work closely with small family businesses, quality manufacturers and artists to provide them with an additional revenue stream and the ability to reach a wider reach. In fact, we consider our artists as long-lasting partners. We believe in beautiful and handmade, which means imperfections and constant experimentation. We encourage our crafters to practice and gain confidence in a safe environment.  

We also make sure that our Ateliers promote eco-friendly ideas and that most of our materials and kits are made from bio-degradable or recycled materials. 

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The Chief Crafters

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Tatiana from Ateliers Celine



Tatiana is a Communications and PR specialist, with six years of event organizing experience in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. But before these international experiences, she spent her early years living across Morocco, Spain and Italy. The daughter of a contemporary artist and craft lover since childhood, it was natural for Tatiana to head this new craft venture. When she’s not working on advertising and operations for Ateliers Céline, she’s probably either travelling or kitesurfing.

Philippe Viola from Ateliers Celine



Philippe grew up surrounded by Egyptian art and traditional Moroccan art, and so after five years in consulting and strategy in large corporations he wanted to start a venture in the arts to return to his “family roots”. The arts are ingrained in Philippe who, outside of work, is actively involved in social impact activities and is a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum.

Michael-Ramassamy from Ateliers Celine



Michael is all about Tech and Teaching. After founding a product and web design agency, and learning several coding languages (while becoming an expert in Lean Management), he taught coding at French business schools and now coaches startups. In his free time, he loves spending time crafting with his daughter and skiing.


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